What We Do: Services

As a people business, Young and Able exists fundamentally to activate human potential. Our core service offering can be summed up in three key objectives that describe the nature of all the products we offer:

  • Activate
  • Motivate
  • Accelerate

We see ourselves as social scientists who combine processes, stimulate conversations about underlying issues and employ practical tools to make all learning possible in an effective and lasting way.

By so doing, we help to build cohesive workforces and teams that contribute toward productive cultures in developmental organisations. Our interventions engage with people at all levels of organisational hierarchy – from management to shop-floor level as we believe that behind every person is a human being, and behind every human being is a boy and a girl with singular sensitivities, challenges and potentials that need to be discovered and channeled rightly for greatness.






This aspect of our service is primarily aimed at engaging young people and educators in schools and other youth institutions.
The motivational dimension of our work is targeted at the corporate, adult audience and is focused on activities and themes such as conflict resolution and cultural intelligence.
All of our keynote presentations and learning facilitation modules are consolidated by specifically aligned online learning materials that are provided in association with Velsoft to equip our clients with convenient, easily accessible and effective material training resources. At present, we offer over 150 e-learning courses and are able to convert our clients’ physical learning materials into e-learning modules.

Our Approach

Experience | Humour | Animation | Immersion Because we only share what we know and have experienced, our approach to learning facilitation is characterised by personal investment and self-inclusion. Our Training and Process Facilitation approach is also differentiated by a dominantly artistic axis, which we use to embellish, illustrate and animate much of our material.

Our Product Model

We employ a product development model that relies heavily on the personal experiences and values of our consultants, giving our products an authenticity and practicality that resonate profoundly with our audiences. The majority of our training products have also been developed in synchronicity with the experiences and narrative of South Africa as a nation, for example ‘Unleash your greatness’ - a keynote developed to address the dormant greatness of the nascent democracy that had to be unleashed, and ‘Owning the future’ - a keynote developed at a time when many South Africans felt disenfranchised and had to go through a process of taking ownership.