MOTIVATE: Motivating People In Organisations

The motivational dimension of our work is targeted at the corporate, adult audience. Our presentations and workshops are of the highest quality and harness the power of multimedia, humour and aim to leave a lasting impact on the participants.

Through keynote presentations and workshops, we help corporates to grapple with issues of leadership, innervation, diversity and values. Understanding this we help our clients create healthy, productive cultures.

Our facilitators have had the privilege of advising many of companies, including Coca-cola, Old Mutual, Unilever, Standard Bank, Investec, ABSA Capital, Deloitte, Engen, Vodacom, Oprah Magazine, IBM, IPM, APSO, Nedbank, Rand Merchant Bank, SASOL, Bidvest, Woolworths, Clicks, PKF, SABC and many more. We have also worked with the Dept. of Social Development, Education, correctional services and the NPA.

Topics We Cover In Our Keynotes and Workshops:

  • Owning The Future

  • In a rapidly changing world the workplace has undergone massive changes. Creating a winning environment in the workplace today requires teams to change the way they approach work. Leaders communicate more than what they say with their words but through their actions and the culture that they cultivate throughout the organisation. This presentation looks at some of the keys to creating a winning environment all underpinning communication at all levels.
  • Unleashing Your Greatness

  • There is a deep innate need, an almost exponential yearning within each of us to scratch the itch of our greatness. We all long to unleash the great potential that lies within each and every one of us and become all that we can be. In this presentation we will look at the following keys in an entertaining and interactive way: Harnessing Your Talent, Unleashing Your Passion, Narrowing Your Focus, Creating Your Desired Future through Goal setting.
  • Leading Like A Hero

  • In this talk, Leading Like a Hero, we draw an analogy between being a hero and rising to the challenge of a leadership role. Whilst there is a scarcity of real heroes, their presence is undeniably vital in overcoming challenges and accomplishing goals. So too effective leaders are hard to come by and it is thus pivotal that those incumbent in leadership roles undertake to develop and refine their skills to enable them to continue to guide those that have been entrusted lead. In unpacking this analogy, we explore several characteristics of a hero and the pertinence of these attributes for those in, or aspiring to, a leadership role. We explore how all heroes are driven by a deep understanding of their purpose and possess a strong a conviction as to why they continue to do the things that they do. We discuss the ability of heroes to adapt to their environment and their capability to build, and draw on, the social capital at their disposal to help them attain their goals. We highlight how heroes are innovative and are often those that push the boundaries, break the rules and demolish the status quo to attain an end result. Finally, we discuss how heroes are unwavering in their convictions and constantly strive to follow through on that which they have committed themselves to.
  • Balance In The Workplace

  • This presentation looks at How To Find Your Balance at Work And Achieve The Results You Desire. The presentation is motivational and practical in nature as it challenges participants to debunk some of the myths about success in the workplace. It has value for everybody in the organisation as it looks at how different generations view work and then dealing with how to find balance at work.
  • Creating A Winning Environment

  • We all like to be part of a winning team. But in a business environment where the rules keep changing and for many the name of the game has become survival, business success seems elusive. Creating a Winning Environment is an in-depth facilitated engagement that sees our team walking alongside yours to give you the edge. After a brief process of pre-engagement that gives us an idea of what your challenges are, Young & Able’s experienced team of world-class facilitators will bring you the five modules that comprise this offering:
    1. Creating a Winning Attitude–Focus on self
    2. Understanding Each Other–Creating a winning culture by dealing with diversity
    3. Clarifying Objectives– A look at our shared values and how we live these out
    4. Enhancing Performance– Building a winning team
    5. The Art of Winning– Changing how we work.
  • Cultural Intelligence (Keynote and Workshop)

  • As society increasingly becomes more culturally diverse, the need for more intelligent interaction, behaviour and professional practice is also on the rise in the workplace, business and social environment. In this keynote address and workshop, we introduce Cultural intelligence (CQ) – the ability to relate and work effectively in multi-cultural settings – as a fundamental element for effective social engagement and leadership in today’s diverse world. Taking a broad look at the dominant cultural values at play across the social spectrum, we explore the many ways in which we unknowingly learn culture and how we can develop competency across the four cultural intelligence quadrants: drive, knowledge, strategy and action. The workshop phase of CQ provides a multilayered experience that is rich with history, activities, tests and deep immersion learning tours that enter the heart of various cultural centres and allow participants to gain exposure to different world views and ways of life.
  • Creating An Inclusive Culture (Keynote and Workshop)

  • Born out of hundreds of hours of work and conversations in both corporate and community circles, not mentioning our own profound personal experiences, Creating an inclusive Culture is probably one of the most honest and effective workshops on the subject today. Initiating conversations on race, gender and political conversations on a constructive note, the workshop tears down broad misconceptions and stereotypes around the things that divide people, before introducing a fresh context in a way that is easy and inoffensive. Teams explore South African history and learn how the country’s past plays into presently existing social dynamics in their organizations. We ask participants key questions like ‘What is the burning bridge that we need to overcome?’ and ‘How can we build a bridge out of this situation?’, exposing them to the greater realities that exist beyond racial, political and gender differences.
  • Adaptive Leadership

  • All too often, being in a position of authority is mistaken for being a leader. In this keynote talk, we set out to correct this misconception by delving into the characteristics of true leadership beyond the bounds of authority. We point out the differences between what people in authority are expected to do, and what true leaders are capable of doing without the use of authority. Adaptive leaders are able to put their issues on the table and keep them there without having them pushed off prematurely. We explain how an adaptive leadership style produces more and better results by stoking genuine interest in an issue among members of a team and enabling individuals and organizations to adapt and thrive in challenging environments. Whereas people in authority are required to provide direction, security and predictability, true leaders are able to push people beyond these limits and even provide a degree of unpredictability.
  • Scratching The Itch Of Greatness

  • We are all born with an underlying sense of optimism, an itch of expectation for good things that drives us through some of the most difficult challenges of our lives in the hope that something greater lies ahead. And while we can think about this itch, it is only when we start scratching it that our visions become reality. The talk is rich with real-life examples of tragedy turned to triumph and our personal definition of greatness. Elements:
    1. Confronting the brutal facts of your life
    2. Understanding your imagination
    3. Understanding the difference between inspiration and emotion
  • Nothing For Mahala

  • Is a talk or workshop that focuses on values and money with the specific aim of addressing deep-seated attitudes in communities about the management of money. The talk delves deep into commonly held beliefs and thinking about money through intriguing community engagements that spark insightful discussion and stimulate a more conscious and deliberate approach toward the management of money.
The talk was developed by Heartlines and Young Able as a response to the perennial, money-related problems that face South African communities and is based on the award-winning film Nothing For Mahala.
  • The Values Factory

  • Changing organisations from the inside out. Bringing values to life. While most organisations have a mission statement and have clarified their corporate values, what would it take for these to truly come alive in the hearts and minds of both executives and employees? The Values Factory is a tailored engagement for organisations that may have already established their corporate values, but are struggling to see these adapted, practiced and internalised by their employees. Drawing on lessons from history, nature and business, the Values Factory takes participants on a journey of clarifying how their personal values and those of the company intersect in a way that impacts more traditional business concerns such as productivity, customer service, and interpersonal staff relations.
  • Bridging The Gap Between Creativity And Innovation

  • Creativity Is thinking up new things, and Innovation Is doing new things. We all have a great ideas in the shower but the people who are successful are the once who do something about that idea. We look at what are the characteristics or attributes that move people or organizations form thinking up new ideas to the doing. Could we distill what makes Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison and other leading innovators so successful? The five key skills which separate thinkers form doers are: associating, questioning, observing, networking, and experimenting