ACTIVATE: Youth Development and Empowerment

Young & Able provides a wide range of services to young people, and anybody interacting with Young People be (that teachers, adults working with young people, NGO’s). Our aim is to help them (young people) to develop the values and soft skills necessary to become citizens who contribute positively to society. Under this broad umbrella are a few projects, programs, products that we have developed:

  • Mentorship

  • One of our biggest achievements to date has been the conceptualisation and implementation of the Heartlines Mentorship Initiative. This entire project was outsourced to Young & Able by Heartlines and was launched in November 2008. The mentorship initiative aims to equip and support ordinary South Africans to take existing relationships they have with young people and become more intentional about being a force for good in the lives of young people. We do not match mentors with mentees, but individuals approach us with the intention of becoming more involved in the lives of a young person in their community/place of worship/extended family. This initiative has opened doors for us to fully engage in the mentorship space, and we have developed and implemented trainings for educational institutions, community-based organisations and corporates who are managing their own mentorship initiatives.

    Young & Able believes that mentorship is key in developing the next generation of leaders and has chosen to provide specific solutions for the advancement of mentorship in society and within organisations. Mentors ForGood is a volunteer opportunity for those who want to mentor a young person and the initiative provides support and resources for mentors. Our Corporate Mentorship offerings are designed specifically for organisations to meet their staff development needs.
  • Youth Leadership Academy

  • Young & Able, together with Heartlines and Columba 1400 SA, has been instrumental in piloting in South Africa the Youth Leadership Academy. This is an intensive 6-day values-based experience given to 13 learners, 2 teachers and the headmaster of a particular school. The model was established by Columba 1400 in Scotland, a social enterprise that won the Bank of Scotland - Sunday Times UK Social Entrepreneur of the Year for 2009. Young & Able contextualised the Scottish model to resonate with South African young people and provided facilitation for all three of the pilot leadership academies in SA. The goal of this initiative is to transform the culture of a school to reflect excellence and service. The Young & Able team still play a lead role in facilitating Columba Leadership Academies.
  • Creating Winning Schools

  • In partnership with the Adopt a School foundation, Young & Able have run a number of strategic planning sessions with schools leadership teams. These sessions have ensured that schools have the necessary management and community leadership to support an environment conducive to excellence in teaching and learning in every school in which the Adopt a school works.
  • Nothing For Mahala

  • We host events & training for schools, based on the HEARTLINES resource “Values & Money” training events include: o School assemblies with a message challenging young people on values & Money o Life Orientation classes engaging young people in conversation about money & values o Training Life Orientation teachers and youth workers on how to use the HEARTLINES values & Money resource
  • Cyber Bulling Educating

  • Young people, educators, and parents about cyber-bullying what it is, the consequences of cyber-bulling for the bully and the victim now & into the future, how can we stop it once it starts, what is the school's role, what's the parents' role.
    1. What is cyber-bullying, exactly? 

    2. Types of Cyber-bullying 

    3. The different kinds of cyber-bullies? 

    4. How can a school community promote an anti-bullying climate? 

    5. Parents biggest concerns 

  • Training and Workshops

  • Over the past 14 years we have engaged thousands of young people & youth workers nationally around good values and living these out in their schools and communities. Theses trainings & workshops have included topics of acceptance, self-control, responsibility, forgiveness, honesty, compassion, perseverance, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, and Teen sexuality and selfless love.
  • We Are Also Available To Do Graduation Talks.

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